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June 05, 2020
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Action Center
Fair RETIRE Act (Fair Return for Employees on Their Initial Retirement Earned), S-29
Allow permanently sick or disabled Firefighters to keep special retirement coverage
Official Time Reform Act of 2017, HR 1364
Any day where 80% of work day is spent on Union representational duties would not count toward retirement
PAGE Act (Promote Accountability and Government Efficiency)
Make all Government employees "at will" with no appeal rights, forfeit pensions for felony convictions, eliminate all Union official time. This Bill has not yet been re-introduced into the 115th Congress
Federal Firefighters Fairness Act (Presumption), H.R. 1884
Creates presumptive legislation for certain types of cancer and disease linked to firefighting duties.
Federal Firefighter Pay Equity Act H.R. 4729
Change our retirement calculation to include our regularly scheduled overtime This Bill has yet to be re-introduced into the 115th Congress
Federal Firefighters Flexibility and Fairness Act, H.R. 1363
Will allow increased flexibility regarding trade time agreements
March 2017 Legislative Update
Updated On: Mar 24, 2017

2017-2018 could prove to be damaging period for Federal Employees legislatively speaking. There are threats of damaging legislation, including the elimination of FERS, loss of appeal rights, loss of pay steps and contracting out to name a few. Some of these have already been introduced. Thankfully it's not all bad news though, there is some beneficial legislation pending. As always, the IAFF will continue to pursue it's agenda of fairness for Federal Firefighters but we must also play a firm defense. All of these Bills can be tracked in the "Action Center" on the lower left portion of the homepage (click on the title). The following Bills have been, or will soon be introduced into the 115th Congress:

S-29 Fair RETIRE Act (Fair Return for Employees on Their Initial Retirement Earned) (Support)- currently in the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. 2 Co-Sponsors

This Bill would allow Firefighters who become permanently ill or disabled (work related only) and are no longer able to perform firefighting duties to still be allowed to retire in our special retirement category. The employees must have 3 years as a primary GS-0081 series employee. This Bill also urges OPM “to the greatest extent possible” reappoint ill or injured firefighters “with the same Federal agency, in the same geographic location, and at a level of pay commensurate to the position which the individual held immediately prior to such injury or illness”.

HR 1363 Federal Firefighter Flexibility and Fairness Act (Support)- currently in the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. 12 Co-Sponsors

This Bill would allow trading time outside of the pay period by ensuring trade times do not incur overtime. The reason we cannot currently trade out of the pay period is that any hour worked over 144 in a pay period must be paid as overtime. Removing that requirement would open the door to allowing firefighters to trading out of the pay period.

HR 1364 Official Time Reform Act of 2017 (Oppose)- currently in the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. 0 Co-Sponsors

This Bill would stipulate that if a Union Official spends 80% or more of his/her work day performing Union representational duties, that day will not be credited toward that employee’s retirement calculation. This legislation is an effort to limit unions ability to represent employees and may impact our ability to conduct negotiations and represent the members in the federal sector.

HR---- PAGE Act of 2017 (Promote Accountability and Government Efficiency) (Oppose)- Expected to be re-introduced into the 115th Congress very soon by Rep. Todd Rokita (R-IN)

This Bill transitions federal employees to "at will" employees, allowing such employees to be removed or suspended without notice or right to appeal for no cause at all, causes current and retired employees to forfeit pensions upon a felony conviction and eliminates Union official time.

Get active!! Contact your Representative and tell them where we stand on this legislation!!


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